Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mapping Global Diplomacy

The Lowly Institute has mapped the diplomatic networks of all G20 and OECD nations in order to visualize the gaps and concentrations in international diplomacy.

The Global Diplomacy Index map includes two main layers. The yellow dots on the map show cities around the world where G20 or OECD nations have diplomatic posts. Click on a city's dot and lines connect to the city showing every G20 or OECD country with a diplomatic post in the city.

The large blue circles on each G20 or OECD nation represents the size of each country's diplomatic network. Select a country's blue circle on the map and lines connect to every other country in the world where it has a diplomatic post.

For the purposes of the Global Diplomacy Index map diplomatic posts include; embassies and high commissions. consulates, permanent missions, and representative offices or delegations. You can read more about the posts included and excluded from the Index on the map's 'about' page.

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