Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mapping Accessibility

Access Earth is a new map which is designed to help disabled people by providing reliable and up-to-date information on the accessibility of buildings and premises.

The map uses colored map markers to show accessible buildings (in green) and non-accessible venues (colored red). If you select a building's marker on the map you can also view more information on the venue's accessibility and facilities. Access Earth allows you to filter the results shown on the map by some of the accessible features available, such as the availability of lifts and accessible toilets.

Access Earth is a crowd-sourced map which allows user to enter details on any venue's accessibility and the facilities that are provided.

Wheelmap is another interactive map dedicated to showing the locations of wheelchair-accessible public venues. Wheelmap uses three colors of markers to indicate the accessibility of venues, a green marker means the venue is accessible, orange means it is partially accessible and red means that the venue is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Wheelmap is a crowd-sourced project which means that anybody can add information to the map. Logged in users can also upload photos of venues listed on the map and add comments about the wheelchair accessibility of the venue. is a French Google Map of wheelchair accessible venues. The site provides an easily searchable map of categorized accessible venues, including restaurants, hotels, museums and bars.

You can filter the results shown on the map by category. When you select a venue's marker on the map you can click through to view all the venue's accessibility information and other disability / accessibility facilities provided by the venue.

The map results automatically update as you pan and zoom the map. The map also support browser navigation, so you can use your browser's back button to return to previous searches and map interactions. is provided as open data. Not only is the map free to use but the venue accessibility data can be used in your own applications.

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