Monday, March 14, 2016

Mapping the Conflict in Syria

Territorial control in Syria is constantly changing. Since 2012 the Carter Center has mapped over 40,000 conflict events in Syria in order to provide an as up-to-date as possible overview of the ever changing political and military landscape.

Tracking the front Line in Syria analyzes open source information to map these conflict events in Syria. The map provides a near real-time view of the areas of control throughout Syria. Colored markers show the areas currently controlled by the government, the opposition, ISIS, and YPG & allies.

The map includes a timeline control which allows you to see how territorial control in Syria has changed over time over the last year. You can use the timeline to view the areas of territorial control for any month since January 2015.

The @deSyracuse Syria Civil War map is another fairly regularly updated map of developments in war torn Syria.

The map doesn't claim to be '100% accurate' but it does provide an overview of the position inside Syria and the reactions of its immediate neighbors. The map includes a number of overlays which attempt to show government controlled areas, areas controlled by Isis and areas controlled by the Kurdish People's Protection Units.

A number of map markers also provide updates on recent major events in the country. The markers in the neighboring countries provide a general overview of whether the country's government is in support of the Syrian government or supporting the rebels.

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