Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Division - Mapped

Ubisoft's The Division is fast becoming the most mapped computer game of all time. You can already explore The Division's game world with the panoramic 'Street View' scenes in The Division Map of New York. You can also play with a Division inspired online pandemic simulator using Ubisoft's Collapse Map.

Now you can also plan and share optimized expedition paths with The Division Agent Map. This Leaflet based map presents a map of The Division game world showing the locations of chests, named bosses and other important locations in the game.

The cleverest feature on The Division Agent Map, however, is the Custom Map Paths tool. The Custom Map Paths tool is a great way for players to share their optimized routes within the game. It allows you to plan expedition routes by drawing directly on the map. Using this tool you can plan optimal routes to different points of interest in the game. You can then grab the URL and share the path with your game playing friends.

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