Friday, February 09, 2018

A Million Maps

A number of Twitter users have been sharing their first Mapbox maps today, using the hashtag #1millionexploring. The maps being shared include the good, bad and indifferent. Here are a few of my favorites from the maps being shared:

Elevation Lines - a Joy Division inspired elevation map
Joy Division San Francisco - a Joy Division inspired map of San Francisco elevation
The Lord of the Rings Theme Map - a map inspired by LOTR
Coloring Book - made 'to print for my kids to color on'
Geologic Map of Arizona, Geologic Map of Vermont
Unused Building Height - how much taller buildings in San Francisco could be built
Occupy Directory - international movements concerned with justice and equality
West Side Stories - Gentrification in West Oakland
D.C. Snow Plow Map - where the city snow plows have been and how recently

I think my first Mapbox map might be this garish Kandinsky inspired map, an early attempt at playing on Mapbox Studio

OK - that's not quite one million maps. You can find more though using the #1millionexploring hashtag on Twitter.

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