Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Memorials for Vienna's Nazi Victims

The Politics of Remembrance is an interactive map showing the locations of memorials in Vienna to the victims of political violence during the Austrofascist (1934-1938) and the National Socialist (1938-1945) regimes. The map includes the locations of monuments, sculptures, plaques and other types of memorial for those who lost their lives during Vienna's fascist past.

The memorials on the map can be explored in a number of different ways. A prominent timeline above the map allows you to explore the memorials by their date of erection. Using this timeline you can see in which periods of Vienna's post-war history the city has been most active in remembering the victims of fascism. The categorization of the periods used in this timeline are explained under the map.

The individual memorial markers on the map are color-coded depending on the filter you use to search the map. For example, if you filter the map by 'social identity' the red markers show memorials for victims of persecution in red (mainly Jewish victims of the Nazis) and 'resistance and liberation' memorials in grey (victims in the resistance movements). If you hover over an individual memorial marker you can read more about the individual or group being memorialized.

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