Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Three Word Weather Map

All British weather can be described in just three words. Those three words are:

wet, windy and cold

The UK's Met office has therefore decided to release a new interactive map which eschews weather symbols in favor of three word descriptions. You could think of it as the illegitimate love child of the #UKsnow Map and What3Words.

#3wordweather is an interactive map which describes the local weather in just three words - as tweeted by people across the UK. #3wordweather is actually a serious experiment by the Met Office to learn what words people use to describe the weather in different areas of the UK. You can get involved by tweeting a three word description of the weather, the name of your nearest town and the hashtag #3wordweather.

Looking at the map it is apparent that despite having only three types of weather (wet, windy and cold) the British have thousands of different words for describing these three states. Here are some of the words currently being used on the map: pish, nithering, hoolie, baltic, baltic cauld, manky, parky and brassy (in other words it is currently wet, windy and cold in the UK).

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