Saturday, February 24, 2018

The 10 Tallest Mountains in 3D

You've probably seen illustrations of the world's tallest mountains placed side-by-side before. However I bet you've never seen it done in 3D, allowing you to rotate your point of view and examine the mountains from many different angles.

7 Summits is a guided tour around the world, looking at the tallest mountains on each continent. There is some disagreement over which are the tallest mountains in each continent so 7 Summits actually takes you on a tour of ten of the world's tallest mountains.

While it is interesting viewing where the tallest summit is in each continent the most interesting part of 7 Summits comes towards the end, when you get to see all ten summits placed side-by-side on a 3D map. 7 Summits takes you on a little tour of each of the summits in this 3D visualization and then you are free to explore the imagined scene on your own, zooming in and spinning around the different summits at will.

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