Thursday, February 22, 2018

All Aboard the SS Great Britain

In the mid 19th Century the SS Great Britain was the longest passenger ship in the world. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel the SS Great Britain was the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic. During its operating life the SS Great Britain traveled to 5 different continents and circumnavigated the globe 32 times. The SS Great Britain is now permanently at dock in Bristol Harbour enjoying a new life as a visitor attraction and museum ship.

You can now learn more about the SS Great Britain's many voyages and about life on board the ship on a new interactive map. Using information taken from letters, diaries and logbooks Brunel's SS Great Britain allows you to explore the routes of each of the ship's 47 outward and return journeys. It also allows you to learn more about its passengers and crew and their daily life on board the ship.

If you select to view one of the steamer's voyages you can view the route of the voyage outlined on a Google Map. Each route includes a number of markers which allow you to read entries made about the voyage in letters, diaries and logbooks. You can also view details about the number of passengers and crew on board and the name of the captain for the voyage.

If you want to learn more about life on board the SS Great Britain then you might also want to look at the Ship section of the SS Great Britain website. This includes photographs of some of the decks, galleys and sleeping quarters which can be found aboard Isambard Kingdom Brunel's great iron ship.

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