Monday, February 12, 2018

The Katowice Building Age Map

The Evangelical Church of the Resurrection is the oldest building in Katowice. It was built in 1856. If you are interested in discovering more historic buildings in this Polish city then you should explore this building age map of Katowice. Katowice Buildings is an interactive map showing the age of nearly all the buildings in the city.

The colors of the building footprints on the map show in which historical period the buildings were constructed. You can select to view only buildings constructed in particular periods by using the interactive key. This key shows how the buildings have been categorized into important historical periods for the city. This allows users to view and compare selected periods and makes it easy to find buildings from specific periods, e.g. only those buildings erected before World War II.

Many of the buildings have additional information attached to them, which can be viewed by hovering over a building footprint on the map. This information may include the actual date of construction, names of the architect(s) and links to Wikipedia articles.

Here are a few other building age maps:

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