Saturday, February 03, 2018

Mapping American Ancestry

The USA is a country of immigrants. You can see the influence that different ancestry groups have made on American culture all around you. However your local culture might be influenced more by some ancestry groups than others depending on where you live in the United States.

German-Americans are the biggest ancestry group. In the 2016 American Community Survey 44 million people said that they had German ancestry. As you can see from the screenshot above a lot of them live in the Midwest. The second biggest ancestry group is Irish-Americans. A lot of Americans who claim Irish ancestry live in the Northeast of the country.

Esri's Ancestry map shows the number of Americans claiming to have ancestry from any one of 25 different countries around the world. The map shows how many people in each county reported belonging to one of 25 different ancestry groups.The ancestry data for the map comes from the American Community Survey 2011-2015.

The percentage of citizens reporting as coming from an ancestry group is shown by the color of the squares placed over each county. The size of the squares represents the number of the population who reported coming from that ancestry group. You can select from the 25 different ancestry groups by clicking on the 'content' button.

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