Monday, February 19, 2018

The Over Emotional Map of New York

Crying in Public is a crowd-sourced map of New York's emotions. A place to share those New York moments when everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Sign in to Crying in Public and you can mark those New York locations where you too have felt overpowering emotions. To show what kind of emotional episode you experienced at your selected location you can choose from a number of different emojis. For example a broken heart emoji can be used to show the location of a break-up, a flame emoji can be used to show a spot where you were once fired or a green face can be used to mark a place where you have vomited.

The map was created with the Leaflet mapping library but uses the Google Street View Image API to show a static Street View image of emotional locations shown on the map.

If you like emojis with your maps then you might also like Air New Zealand's new #EmojiJourney map.

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