Monday, February 05, 2018

The Tardiest Airlines & Airports

The US Flight Delay Visualization is an interactive map which shows you which states have the tardiest airports. The map uses 2017 data from the US Department of Transportation to show departure and arrival delays in each U.S. state.

The choropleth layer on the map reflects the number of flights which arrived on time in each state. If you hover over a state on the map you can view the exact percentage of flights in that state that arrived on time. The map also includes major airports in the United States. If you hover over an airport's marker on the map then you can see the percentage of flights which arrived on time at that airport.

FiveThirtyEight's Which Flight Will Get You There Fastest? can also show you the tardiest airports in the USA. FiveThirtyEight's visualization includes additional data on individual routes between airports. It is therefore able to also provide information about the tardiest airlines and routes in the USA.

On first loading the tool a table shows you the number of minutes the busiest airports typically add to a flight. If you select an airport from this list you can view all the other airports it flies to on the map. These flights are color-coded to reflect the typical flight time and minutes typically added to the flight time.

You can also use the map to pick a departure airport and destination airport. This will then show you the typical flight time and the performance of all the airlines which fly that route.

FiveThirtyEight's interactive is older than the US Flight Delay Visualization map. It is therefore based on older data (January to December 2014) so may not be as accurate.

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