Monday, February 26, 2018

Mapping Police Killings

There were only 14 days in the whole of 2017 when the police in the USA didn't kill a member of the public. If you are black then you were three times as likely to be killed by the police. In fact 13 US City Police Departments kill black men at higher rates than the actual US murder rate.

Mapping Police Violence has released its interactive map showing the location of all 1,147 people killed by the police in the USA last year. If you click on a marker on the interactive map you can view details about the person killed, including information about their race and whether they were armed. The information provided also includes a link to the news report which was the original source for the Mapping Police Violence database.

The vast majority of people killed by the police last year were shot by guns - but not all police killings involve guns. Deaths Involving Tasers is an interactive map from Reuters which shows all 1,032 deaths involving the police use of tasers.

On the map the yellow markers are scaled to show the number of deaths from tasers in that county. The larger the yellow circle then the more people have died after being shocked by tasers in the county. If you click on a marker you can can read details about each of the victims, including details on the official cause of death.

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