Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Cannabis Price Index Map

If you want to live your life stoned & high then drag your ass down to Paraguay. At only $2.22 a gram the Paraguayan city of Asuncion is one of the cheapest places to buy cannabis in the world. Colombia and Ecuador are two other countries where you can buy weed on the cheap. I suspect it has something to do with supply & demand.

Vice is living up to its name with an interactive map showing the price of cannabis around the world.  The 2018 Cannabis Price Index interactive map shows you the cost of a gram of weed in 120 cities around the world. Click on a city's marker on the map and you can not only view the price of a gram but also the legality of cannabis in that city and the amount of cannabis consumed.

The Vice map is an interesting overview of the global prices of cannabis. However I think that a map showing your nearest dealers, each one with a menu of currently available varieties and near real-time prices, would be much more useful. I think the police would also appreciate such a handy map.

As well as the interactive map Vice has summarized the cheapest & most expensive cities to buy cannabis around the world. This Is How Much Weed Costs in 120 Cities Across the World also looks at which cities consume the most and the least weed in an average year.

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