Friday, February 23, 2018

America's Internet Speed Map

You can now find out what companies offer broadband services in your area and the speeds that they offer. Enter your address into the Federal Communications Commission's new interactive map and you can view the names of all your local broadband providers and the upload and download speeds that they offer.

The FCC Broadband Map is color-coded to show the number of fixed residential broadband providers in each census block in the USA. If you click on a census block on the map you can view a list of the available broadband providers, the technology they offer (cable, ADSL or satellite) and their upload and download speeds (which I assume are self-reported by the companies and not the actual speeds experienced by consumers).

The Mapbox blog has a brief explanation of how Mapbox GL and Tippecanoe have been utilized by the FCC to display over 68 million records on their fast interactive map.

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