Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Cesspits of San Francisco

NBC say that many San Francisco streets have conditions which are comparable to some of the worst slums in the world. An NBC Bay Area Investigation surveyed over 150 streets and discovered a number of San Francisco's streets are littered with trash, discarded needles and even human feces.

In Diseased Streets you can view an interactive map visualizing the results of NBC's investigation. The map shows the overall sanitation score given to each street by NBC. You can also filter the map to show individual scores for the amounts of trash, needles or feces found on each street. If you click on a street on the map you can see exactly how many needles, feces and trash NBC found on that street.

According to NBC over the years reports of needles and human waste to 311 have steadily risen. Therefore it looks like the conditions on San Francisco's streets are getting worse not better. In fact you often get cleaner conditions in some of the world's worst slums. People who live in slums tend to try to keep them as sanitary as possible. Because San Francisco's homeless are continually moved on there is no need for them to worry about sanitation.

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