Saturday, February 10, 2018

Galleries of Base Maps & Map Styles

OpenWhateverMap is a strange looking map. This interactive map of the world appears to be a random hotchpotch of different map styles. It appears this way because this is exactly what it is.

OpenWhateverMap is a showcase for a number of different base map styles that can be used with any of the leading interactive map libraries. It includes base maps designed by Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, Thunderforest,  Stamen and CartoDB.

If you like the look of one of the random map styles then click on the map tile on the map. This will open an information window containing the base map's template URL and the attribution you need to use the style in your own interactive maps.

Leaflet Provider Demo is another collection of base map styles for interactive maps. The demo map provides views of a number of OSM, MapQuest, Stamen and other map layers within a Leaflet map. The map even includes a JavaScript snippet for each layer so you can just cut and paste the code into your own Leaflet map.

Leaflet Provider Demo is geared towards Leaflet users and the example code snippets are for use with Leaflet,js. However I don't believe any of the base maps on display are restricted in their terms of use to only being used only with Leaflet. If you want to use a style with a different mapping library you can still get the base map's template URL from the provided code snippet. 

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