Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The People & Languages of the Arctic

Global warming is going to effect the whole world. It is likely to effect the climate, environment, and people of the Arctic very soon. This month the Arctic has been experiencing freakishly high record temperatures. Temperatures have reached levels as much as 35 degrees centigrade higher than normal. It has been a warm winter that the indigenous peoples of the Arctic have had little experience of before.

The Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic is an Esri story map about the peoples who have lived in the Arctic for millennia. It looks at where indigenous populations live in the Arctic, where indigenous languages are spoken and the regions of the six Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council.

As well as exploring the different indigenous cultures and languages and where they live in the Arctic this story map looks at the history of colonialism in the Arctic and more recent attempts to establish the indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination. It includes a detailed look at the Arctic Council and how it operates.

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