Wednesday, February 07, 2018

America's Transit Deserts

AllTransit's Gap Finder is an interactive map tool which identifies the areas in American cities with poor access to public transit. It identifies areas which are underserved by transit but where transit demand is high.

Enter an address into Gap Finder and you can view a Google Map of the area which identifies where transit services are good and where the service could be improved. Blue areas on the map show where there is currently an adequate transit service. Orange and red areas show where transit could be improved.

Alongside this map of transit gaps Gap Finder breaks down the overall transit needs of the searched city. This includes a summary of the percentage of the city population which has an adequate transit service and the percentage of the population without an adequate service. Gap Finder also makes a number of recommendations about how the transit service could be improved in the city to meet the demands of the underserved areas.

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