Wednesday, October 01, 2008

November Election Map

In November there will be a general election between Helen Clark and John Key in New Zealand. New Zealand's public broadcaster, TVNZ and YouTube have come together to organise the ONE News YouTube Election Debate between the two nominees. This will be the first time that the head of a national government and a challenger will face YouTube video questions in an official live TV debate.

Google have created an Elections '08 Map Gallery to highlight Google Maps mash-ups covering the 2008 US race for the Presidency. As yet I've seen little evidence of an elections gallery for New Zealand but I have found this excellent New Zealand electorates boundary map.

New Zealand Electorates Boundary Map

This Google Map mash-up allows users to select any of the New Zealand electorates. When an electorate is chosen from the map sidebar a shaded polygon displays the electorate boundary on the map. If you click on any of the displayed electorates an information window opens indicating which electorate has been clicked.

Hopefully this is the first of many New Zealand election Google Maps mash-ups. For example, it would be very easy to colour the electorate boundaries on this map to indicate which political party currently holds the seat.

Via: iWang

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