Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Beer and Wine on Google Maps

Stag Night Wizard
stag night wizard map
Stag Night Wizard is a Google Maps mash-up designed to help the best man plan a great stag night or weekend. Currently the site offers a route planner for stag nights in Manchester or London in the UK but has plans to add Barcelona, Nottingham, Blackpool and Dublin soon.

Registered users of Stag Night Wizard are presented with a map of their chosen city with layers for bars, hotels, night clubs, strip clubs, casinos and comedy clubs. Each of the map layers is selectable so it is possible, for example, to view just bars and clubs. Each bar and club comes with an address and a user rating.

If you like the look of a particular bar or club you add it to your stag night itinerary by clicking on its plus sign. As you add venues to your itinerary Stag Night Wizard works out your route. When you have finished planning your night Stag Night Wizard presents you with a map of all your venues and lists the establishments in a sidebar.

It is possible to invite friends to your stag night by adding the e-mail addresses of your guests to your account. Your invited guests will then be able to log onto Stag Night Wizard and view the planned route of the stag night.

Sonoma Uncorked

Sonoma Uncorked is a website dedicated to the wineries of Sonoma County in the US. To help visitors to the county get the best from their visit Sonoma Uncorked have produced a great Google Map.

As you would expect the map shows the location of all the wineries in Sonoma County but it also contains so much more. In fact you can use the map to find: food events, wine events, art events, music events, restaurants, farms, farmers markets, wineries, wine tours, galleries, golf courses, parks, beaches, gardens and a whole lot more.

In fact, even if you have no interest in wine, if you are thinking of visiting Sonoma County you should visit Sonoma Uncorked first.

Malt Maps
Maltmaps map
Malt Maps is a simple but attractive looking Google Maps mash-up that shows the location of 197 distilleries that produce malt whiskey. The site includes extensive search capabilities, that lets users search the distilleries by country, owner, status or whether it is has a visitor centre.

Each of the distilleries is shown on the map with a marker and is also listed in the map sidebar. Clicking on a marker opens an information window containing the address of the distillery, the distillery's owners and also the page number of its listing in the Malt Whiskey Yearbook.

Some Other Beer & Wine Related Maps Mash-Ups


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Below is a great site for finding pubs and breweries in Europe. It uses Google Maps to plot the ones found in each town. It was very helpful on my trip to Germany.

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