Wednesday, October 15, 2008

360Cities Major Update

360cities Map
360Cities is one of those magical websites where you can suddenly lose half your day without noticing. It was already the leading immersive panoramic photograph site, but now it has undergone a major redesign that has improved both its looks and performance.

One of the major improvements is in the presentation of its 8000 plus panoramas on Google Maps. The panoramas are geo-tagged on a Google Map and thumbnails of the panoramas are shown in the left hand sidebar. Clicking on one of the map markers opens a panorama. This is one area where the improvement in performance is readily apparent, as the panoramas now load almost instantly.

Once you open a panorama it is possible to navigate through 360 degrees of the view. Many of the panoramas also include hot links to adjacent panoramas and all the panoramas include a photographic link to the photographer and to a kml file so you can view the panorama in Google Earth.

Here are links to a few of the thousands of interesting panoramas:
But I warn you 360Cities has the ability to soak up time.

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