Saturday, October 25, 2008

Street View in Spain

Spanish website Blog Urbanismo is reporting that there will be a press announcement on Tuesday, October 28th, about the release of Street View imagery in Spain. They say that they received this invitation for a press conference on Tuesday.


You're invited to the briefing presentation in Spain of Street View next Tuesday Oct. 28 in Madrid.

Javier Gonzalez-Soria, Director of the Division of Tourism Spanish Google, Olga San Jacinto, Director of Finance, Real Estate and Google Local Spain and Fernando Delgado, Google engineer in Zurich will be responsible for presenting alongside Pablo Bautista, manager of the Municipal Promotion of Tourism in Madrid; Monica Espina, Director of and Juan Vallejo, Director General of lanetro.
(Google Translate)

If Google do release Street View for Spain on Tuesday it will be exactly a fortnight after the release of Street View in Lille, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille and Nice. screen shot is a Spanish real estate website that uses Google Maps to show the location of properties. If you look at the screen shot above you will see that have already added the Street View button and icon to their maps.

Via: Google Earth Blog



smokeonit said...

this means that google SV Germany is gonna happen like a few weeks from now;-)

Anonymous said...

You wish...I heard SV Germany is coming in the Spring 2009...I'm still waiting for Canada!

Google Street View Gallery Guy

Unknown said...

Google launched Australia street view in early August, I thought New Zealand would be the next country. Obviously, I am a bad predictor, just need a little bit more patience.......

Anonymous said...

Street View Spain has already gone live with four cities. I'm a little disappointed that the coverage is fairly restricted to the cities themselves without including much of the outlying areas, as was done with France. On the other hand, very nice resolution of the few pictures I've looked at in Madrid and Barcelona! I can't wait to get off work so I can start my virtual tour.