Thursday, October 02, 2008

Local Information on Google Maps

TownRenowned map of New York
TownRenowned's goal is to allow individuals and communities to collect, upkeep, rank and review local information. In order to achieve this goal TownRenowned makes heavy use of both dynamic and static maps.

Users can add locations to the site using the categories 'Food', 'Fun', 'Nightlife', 'Retail' and 'Service'. Other users can then vote on the submitted location and add comments.

Google Maps are used on the home page of each town and city. Alongside the map the most viewed and the highest rated locations are listed. Google Maps are also used on the individual listing pages. If your town or city is not already on TownRenowned it is possible to add it to the directory by completing a very short form.

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Anonymous said...

An interesting site though I would think more categories would be needed than just "Food, Fun,Service, Nightlife and Retail".