Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Umapper Just Got Better

I'm a big fan of Umapper, which is a very easy to use map creation tool (read the original review here). My love affair with them just grew stronger with the announcement that you can now embed their map editor directly in any website.

Umapper has always had the option for users to embed maps into a website. For example, here is a map I've just created of Google Maps Mania readers:

On its own this is very cool, however now I can include the map editor in the page as well. Which makes this totally awesome.

Try it out. Use the map editor above to add yourself to the map. You should then appear on the map above (you may have to refresh the page).

If the editor seems a little truncated or things don't quite fit on the page it is because I had to shrink the Flash movie a little to fit in this column.

Come on - bring on the map spam!

On the subject of map spam. For this map I have chosen UMapper's Map Wiki setting, which allows anyone to edit the map. However it is actually possible to restrict editing privileges to specific users. Umapper are also working on the ability to save the revision history of a map, which should also help map owners reduce map spam.


Anonymous said...

great stuff. hope you don't mind some goatse on your map ;)

Anonymous said...

Good !!!!