Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas Present List

I know it is still October but I'm sending my Christmas present list out early this year. Top of my list is this house in the Netherlands:

The asking price is 295,000.00 Euros (375,720.44 dollars). I know this is a touch on the expensive side and that money is a little tight at the moment but if you all club together I'm sure you'll be able to afford it.

To buy me the house just go to Dutch real estate site Funda. Funda is a Netherlands real estate site that lists both commercial and residential properties. As you can see from my future home above, Funda lets users search and view properties via Google Maps.

Funda have also created this population heat map for the Netherlands. The heat map allows users to select a Dutch region and get a break down of the population and demographics of any region.

I've used the heat map and thoroughly researched the Netherlands. Therefore you can be assured that my choice of Christmas present this year has not been decided upon recklessly!



Anonymous said...

If you think 295,000 euros is a lot of money for a detached house on a decent size plot, don't bother shopping for houses in the Netherlands! Compared to most houses in the Netherlands, it's a bargain...

BTW, you forgot a Paypal donation link :-)

Anonymous said...

Naarden Vesting is little tiny village. Have you ever tried to drive though the village with your car?

Keir Clarke said...

I did notice the lack of roads on the map - a big plus to me!

Sabores said...

This is a lot of money!