Monday, October 06, 2008

Lose Money on Google Maps

fortunemaps map
FortuneMaps is a find the treasure game built on Google Maps. To play the game suckers players purchase a flag for $2 and then position the flag on the map. If a player comes within 100 metres of the treasure they win the jackpot, which increases with every flag placed. If no one wins the jackpot there is also a weekly prize for the closest player each week.

According to FortuneMaps this is a game of skill and not a lottery or a raffle. I wonder why they would want to emphasise that?



Mickey said...

Within 100 meters for $2? Those odds must be worse than a real lottery!

Anyone care to calculate the odds of coming within 100 meters of a randomly placed object on the earth?

Anonymous said...

only for the first week.

lets say, in the map above, that the pin in africa wins the prize for being closest in week1

everyone has a relatively small circle to put their guesses in in week 2, then week 3, 4 ....shouldn't last more than a month before you can narrow it down at least to a town