Thursday, October 30, 2008

Argentinian Google Maps Round-Up (Oct 2008)

Dormir en Buenos Aires

Dormir en Buenos Aires is a Google Maps mash-up showing holiday accommodation in the Argentinian capital.

Currently 428 hotels and bed and breakfasts have been mapped. It is possible to search the accommodation options by type, neighbourhood or by the number of stars. It is also possible to search for accommodation in an area around a particular tourist attraction.

Dormir en Buenos Aires manages to get around Google's lack of map tiles for Argentina by using Virtual Earth's new map tiles for the country in conjunction with Google's map engine and satellite imagery.

Basta de Demoler

This Google My Map has been designed by an Argentinian NGO Basta de Demoler (stop the demolition). The map shows architectural heritage in danger in Buenos Aires.

Apparently there are only a few weak laws in Argentina designed to preserve the country's architectural heritage. Therefore Basta de Demoler have created this Google My Map to highlight important buildings in danger of demolition. The yellow markers indicate properties in danger of being demolished, the red and blue markers show those in imminent danger and those already demolished.

Other Argentinian Maps
Finally, for those of you desperate for Argentinian map tiles you might be interested in this Mapperz post: Argentina Live Maps


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