Monday, October 27, 2008

Street View on the iPhone

iPhoneYap have posted a number of screenshots of Street View running in the iPhone 2.2 beta software. The Street Views come with a small map circle at the bottom right of the screen showing the location of the view.

The screenshots also look at Google Maps driving and transit directions and local search.

However the news of Street View for the iPhone is rather overshadowed today by the news of the release of Google Earth for the iPhone. Frank Taylor on the Google Earth Blog has all the news of this release and a cool video demonstration.

More on Street View
The French blog Zorgloob has a good article on Street View that reveals that after the release of Street View in Spain tomorrow next up will be Italy, then Germany (Spring 2009), the UK and then the Netherlands.

Zorgloob also reveals some interesting facts about how Google captures and serves the Street View imagery. For example, Google use tricycles to take images where cars aren't allowed to drive.

Via: Mapperz & Mibazaar


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