Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Government Spending on Google Maps

WA State Congressional Earmarks
Earmarks Map
This Google Map shows the congressional earmarks for Washington State for the 2008 fiscal year 2008. Data for this map comes from Taxpayers for Common Sense.

The map markers are colour coded according to the type of earmark, e.g. transportation and housing & urban development, commerce, justice & science, defence etc. Clicking on one of the map's markers loads the appropriation details into a box under the map.

TEDBot Map
This Google Maps mashup plots several hundred thousand EU public procurement contracts scraped from the Tenders Europa Daily website.

The local authorities calling for tenders are highlighted on the map with blue markers. Clicking on a blue marker opens an information window which contains details of the contract. Clicking on a blue marker also adds red marker(s) to the map highlighting the winning tender(s). Clicking on the red marker reveals the name and address of the winning company.

TEBBot makes used of a marker manager. Therefore if you are interested in a particular European country or area it is worth zooming in. This should reveal more markers.

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For those interested in how the data was scraped from the EU website I recently wrote a post about the procedure: