Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buying Property on Google Maps

The Fitsrovia Apartments
Fitzrovia Apartments Map
The Fitzrovia Apartments is a great Google Maps mash-up designed to promote apartments in central London. The site uses Google Maps not only to show the location of the apartments but to display the plans of the apartments.

It is possible to view the floor plans of each floor within Google Maps and to zoom in on individual apartments. Each apartment also comes with a link to view the individual apartment floor plan in a pop-up window. The ground floor plan also comes with links to photographs of views of the building.

As well as viewing the building's floor plans this mash-up includes the option to view a map of the area with local facilities tagged. It is possible to view nearby restaurants, shops and notable residents and also view nearby photographs.

Concept / designed by
Imobilien Map
This Brazilian real estate mash-up shows property for sale throughout the south of the country. It is possible to search the map by type of property, number of rooms, price and area.

The results of a search are shown on the map by orange markers. Clicking on the marker opens an information window containing a photograph of the property and a link to the property's details.

DotHomes screen shot
DotHomes is a vertical search engine of realtor listings in the US, UK and South Africa. It is possible to search for properties by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and location.

The details of each property comes with a Google Map to display the property's location. Also, where available, each property comes with the option to view the Google Maps street view.

MapMap map
This mash-up claims to be the largest Czech real estate website. It is possible to search the properties by location and price.

Each property is shown on a Google Map with a small key marker. Each marker contains a photograph of the property and a link to the property details. Each marker also comes with a link to view similar properties.

Habiter-Ici Map
This French Google Maps mash-up displays property for sale in the Saint-Etienne area of France. It is possible to search for properties in the usual manner, by number of bedrooms, location or price.

Properties are shown on the map by a small purple marker. Clicking on the marker loads the property details and a photograph of the property into the map sidebar.

Emlak Haritam
If you are interested in buying property in Turkey you should visit Emlak Haritam. All properties are displayed on a Google Map and also listed in a sidebar beside the map. The map markers contain photographs and details of each property.

India Real Estate Map

An Indian Real Estate site that uses Google Maps to display properties for sale. The map includes an easy to use interface for sellers to add their own property to the map.


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