Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fire Eagle Application Gallery

Yahoo's location tracking service Fire Eagle has released an Application Gallery of websites using the service. Many of the sites in the gallery are using Google Maps. Here are some of the sites in the gallery that Google Maps Mania hasn't featured before:

Spot Map
Spot is a satellite messenger devise that uses the GPS satellite network to track users' locations. With it users can send information about their location, with a link to a Google Map. Because it uses satellite technology, it will work where cell phones don't.


This site for mobile phones returns the five best points of interest from Wikipedia closest to your current location. Each point of interest is geo-tagged on a Google Map.

Rummble map
Rummble is a location based social search and discovery tool that uses Google Maps to share favourite places. Users can add recommended content for a location directly onto a Google Map.

Using Rummble users can also:
  • Discover content for any location (e.g. cool bars, local knowledge and the secret hangouts)
  • Give friends automatic warning when you will be in their area
  • Share location based content - reviews, photos, videos and blogs
  • Explore with Rummble on your mobile or on the web
  • Meet new people nearby
  • Publish your Rummbles and your location to Facebook and other social software
Meteosphere map
Metoeosphere is an application for the iPhone that uses Google Maps to list events happening near you and create geotagged objects at your location.

Map My Tracks
map my tracks map
Map My Tracks is an easy way to accurately track, or share in real-time, your sporting activity over land, sea or air using your mobile cell phone and GPS.

Map My Tracks turns your mobile phone into your personal real-time GPS tracking device. Using a mobile cell phone with built-in GPS or an external GPS receiver you can map and track your location in real-time. Your track is then shown on a Google Map.

With ekit you can build a travel journal on top of Google Maps. With ekit you can automatically update your travel journal and share your travels with your friends and family.

Previously Featured Mashups in the FireEagle Gallery

Plazes - allows you to plot where you will be and see who will be crossing your path and what will be happening nearby. - helps you keep up with news and opinions in your neighbourhood
Outalot - location-based guide that makes it easy for those in New York City to find nearby restaurants, bars, shops, and movie theatres
Loki - lets you share your location with your friends via Google Maps.
Dopplr - share your future travel plans
Dipity - create mapped timelines on any subject.
Blogloc - the Blogloc map badge is a small, personal map you can embed on your website


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