Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada Google Maps Mash-Up Round-Up

Zoocasa map
Zoocasa is a new real estate search engine in Canada that is using Google Maps to display real estate listings. The Zoocasa home page is a simple search box in which the user enters a city or neighbourhood and can define search criteria by price, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms.

The Zoocasa search results are then presented on a Google Map and listed in a sidebar beside the map. One innovative feature of the map is that if you click on a property marker the sidebar automatically scrolls to display the property details.

As well as being able to search for real estate house buyers can use the map to research neighbourhoods they are interested in moving to. It is possible to load a huge amount of points of interest onto a map to see what facilities are available in the neighbourhood. The categories of points of interest include retail, education, food and beverage, book stores, clothing stores, health care and recreation. Each of these categories include an number of subcategories.

Zoocasa is a very impressive site, with an incredible attention to detail, which is reflected in their use of Google Maps.

Toronto Happenings
Toronto Happenings is a simple but effective map showing Upcoming events in the Canadian city. Events are shown on the map and in a sidebar. It is possible to click on the map markers or on the sidebar listing to retrieve further details of the event. A link to the Upcoming entry for the event is also provided.

Cycling Vancouver
Cycling Vancouver map
This is a great site that provides cycle route directions for Vancouver. To use the map cyclists need to enter their start and end points and also whether they want the route to exclude major roads.

The cycling route is then shown on a Google Map by a coloured polyline. The different colours of the polyline reflect the degree of slope at each point on the route. The route also includes other important details such as the route length, the estimated time for the journey and the estimated calories that will be burned.

Edmonton Attractions Map
The Edmonton Attractions Map shows the location of a number of attractions in Edmonton. The map includes sights such as museums, parks and malls.

This Google Maps mash-up is a guide to restaurants in Canada. You can search restaurants by keywords, address or category.

The restaurants are marked on a Google Map and also listed alphabetically in a sidebar. Clicking on a restaurant's marker opens a tabbed information window revealing the restaurant's address, user rating, directions and payment details.

TO Mapster
To Mapster Map
To Mapster is a transit trip planner for the GTA Area. It currently includes TTC Subway and GO buses.

To plan a trip the user enters their start and finish points or simply clicks on the map to add their start point and destination. To Mapster then determines the stations closest to your beginning and end points and runs a shortest time algorithm between the stations, including the walking distance to determine the optimal path.

The route is then shown on a Google Map and described in detail in the sidebar.


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