Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Fun With Google Maps

Sarah Palin Runs for Miss South Carolina

Video link

Via: Mibazaar

Street View of the Week

Quick - she's not looking - set the trap!

Via: Google Street View Gallery

Tour the Pyramids
The Pyramids of Giza
I was feeling bored yesterday so I created this tour of the world's great pyramids (ancient and modern). To view the tour you will need to have the Google Earth browser plug-in and be using Windows.

Guess the Flags Game

Guess the Flags is a new interactive game using the Google Maps API. The rules are very simple. You are shown a flag and you have to guess which country it is from. The answer appears above the correct country, your score is updated and and you move onto the next flag.

A Virtual Globe for PS3
What the world needs is another virtual globe. Luckily Playstation have come up with 'Life with PlayStation' a virtual globe that displays real-time news and information from over 60 cities around the world.

Video Link
Via: Digital Urban

Palin's View

After submitting the Sarah Palin video above Virender Ajmani also decided to recreate Sarah Palin's view of Russsia from Alaska on Google Earth.

From the Alaskan island of Little Diomede you can see the Russian Island of Big Diomede which sits about 25 miles from the Russian Siberian mainland.

Virender has created a KML file so you can pretend to be Sarah Palin and look at Russia from the United States on Google Earth.

Virender is a mild mannered software developer by day but by night he is a map making superhero. You can read more about his nightly exploits in the Globe and Mail.


Virender Ajmani said...

A different Sarah Palin showed up at the debate last night. She far exceeded that video, now it seems is not fair to her.

Anonymous said...

Is this now turning into a political blog?? Ugh.

Keir Clarke said...

I hope not - the posts just reflect what readers have submitted.

In defence I do think the Miss Carolina / Palin video is funny. The Miss Carolina video was quite viral on geo-related blogs last year, so I think this new version will interest some of the readers of this blog.

The Google Earth view of Russia from Alaska I think is more geographical than political.

Jim C. said...

I know, it's your blog, you can post what you want, nobody's forcing me to read it.

But the point is that the video has absolutely nothing to do with Google maps.

Anonymous said...

I am glad .. my game found a place on a truly dedicated google maps mania blog (even in a off topic post) ... :)


Anonymous said...

As someone who has broken his arm with a trap like that I cannot really smile at this...