Monday, October 13, 2008

Street Level View in the UK

Seety map showing Buckingham Palace
Google have been beaten to the post in the race to be the first to provide street view type images for London by Italian minnows Seety.

Seety's new Google Map mashup provides street level interactive panoramas for most of central London. To view a panorama the user clicks on any of the roads in central London. After the panorama opens users can move the view around and navigate to adjacent views by clicking on interactive arrows. In fact it is very similar to Google's own street view feature.

Here are some of London's more famous sights viewed on Seety:
Kartamania screen shot
Google have also been beaten in the race to provide street level views in Moscow. The honour this time goes to Russian outfit Kartamania.

Kartamania follows the same format of providing interactive panoramic views on a Google Map, with the ability to click on interactive arrows to move to the next panoramic image. However, astonishingly, Kartamania have also created a Google Mapplet of their street views, so it is possible to navigate around Moscow street views from within Google Maps itself. This means that you can turn on the Wikipedia layer in Google Maps and find out more about what you are actually viewing.



AVC said...

Something similiar we have in Moscow, Russia. It's called Kartamania —,37.615299&spn=0.03565,0.08317&z=14

Anonymous said...

Seety joined forces with web based mapping specialists Earthware and integrated the Street Level imagery into their mapping product for the property market. This updated version was launched in commercial property search engine a few days ago becoming the first UK commercial implementation of this new technology. Check it out by going to our blog.