Thursday, October 09, 2008

Arcades on Google Maps

Arcadefly map
Here's a Google Maps Mashup that I would have appreciated in my youth, one that helps gamers find arcades to play any game. For instance, the latest craze (I am told) has been Street Fighter 4 and Arcade Fly has a map showing arcades that have the game.

ArcadeFly is a social community website and the aim is to bring gamers together to play and have fun, whilst also providing a one stop place for arcade and game locations across the world. The site includes charts of the most popular arcades amongst its users and the most popular games.

Searching for arcades is very simple. The users enters an address in a search box and ArcadeFly generates a map of your nearest arcades. The sidebar lists the arcarde and provides information about the distance to your location, the number of games in the arcade and how many times it has been made a favourite by a site user.


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