Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Make Google Maps Mash-ups with Maker

maker map
Maker!, a new map making tool, launched today as part of the relaunch of FortiusOne's GeoCommons. Maps can be created in Maker! using your own data and/or GeoCommons’ open data.

Maker! allows users to customise the look of maps. The colours, line styles, types of marker and number of data classes can all be set by the user. It is possible to create Choropleth Maps (coloured heat maps), Proportional and Graduated Symbol Maps (different sized markers to reflect proportions) and Reference Maps, which show the location of geographic features, such as plotting the paths of the major waterways of North America or the location of oil wells in a country.

Maker! even lets you choose what 'Basemap' data you would like to use, it is possible to choose from Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Live Maps or Open Street Maps. Although it is beyond me why anyone would want to use anything but Google Maps :) .


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JoSe said...

Keir, the answer to your question is that G still does not provide maps for Argentina. Pretty simple.