Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Street View Drive Through Madrid

Madrid Drive

Mapperz has produced the first mash-up using the new Street View for Madrid. The mash-up provides driving directions in Madrid with the option to follow the route in Street View. The default route takes you past the Alcalá Gate and alongside the Buen Retiro Park. You can of course enter your own route.

The Mapperz mash-up is based on the Driving Directions with Street View example, created by Thor Mitchell, that Google uses in its demo gallery.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House
WikiSailing has nothing to do with Street View, or driving directions for that matter, but is a great example of how the new Google Earth browser plug-in can be used to create astounding virtual tours. WikiSailing is a wiki sailing guide that includes a number of coastal tours created with the Google Earth Browser.

In these virtual tours a plane flies along some famous stretches of coast. The viewer can control the speed of the flight and adjust the viewpoint to look left, right or straight ahead. You can ever change from a plane to a helicopter or boat.

So far the wiki has tours of
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