Sunday, June 06, 2010

Google Maps Inside Guide to the Big Apple

The Scoop

The New York Times consistently produces the most beautiful looking Google Maps. The maps are normally quite handy as well!

The New York Times' latest offering The Scoop is probably their most useful map yet, providing an insider's guide to New York. The map includes:
  • 'The Sifty Fifty': Sam Sifton's (the restaurant critic of The Times) 50 favorite restaurants in the city.
  • 'The Top Shelf': Pete Wells' (the dining editor of The Times), favorite bars in New York
  • Only in NY: A list of great New York experiences, from classic sights to offbeat outing
  • All: Explore all of The Times's insider tips for New York City
The map is also available as an iPhone application so you can also find the nearest New York Times' recommended bars and restaurants when you are out on the town.

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