Friday, January 29, 2010

Create Your Own Google Maps for Mobile

Mobile GeoRSS Maps

Map Channels has released Mobile GeoRSS. Mobile GeoRSS allows you to access your Google My Maps on a map optimised for mobile phone display.

You can use Mobile GeoRSS Maps to simply add a map to your mobile website, or to generate a map link for emailing. GeoRSS feeds and Google My Maps are supported by Mobile GeoRSS and Mobile GeoRSS maps work on any phone which supports the Google Maps v3 API, such as the iPhone and Android.

Creating a link for you mobile phone in Mobile GeoRSS only takes a matter of seconds. All you need to do is add a GeoRSS feed or the GeoRSS output from a Google My Map and Mobile GeoRSS will give you a link where you can access your map from your mobile phone.

GeoRSS Mobile even comes with a few customisation options. You can define the colour of the map markers, set the default map type and turn geolocation on or off.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your site, very interesting.
You can find many maps here :

Toni William said...

I appreciate blogs like this one because they add up information for people interested in maps and its technology. I particularly am into Lidar analysis though not too skilled at this point. Thanks.