Tuesday, January 05, 2010

More Environmental Google Maps Mashups

Green House Gases Map

This Google Maps mashup from the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat shows greenhouse gas emissions around the world. The map is a great way to visualise the current environmental villains (USA, Canada, Spain & Australia). However there is a huge gap in available data on this map and it doesn't show emissions in China, India and much of the developing world.

Bellona Projects Map

This Google Maps mashup displays CO2 sources and Carbon Capturing Projects around the world.

If you click on the map an information window will open displaying the number of major CO2 sources and the number of carbon capture projects at that location. Details about each of the CO2 sources and the projects are also displayed under the map.


EnergyMap.dk is a Danish web guide to climate solutions. On EnergyMap.dk you can find information about the latest energy and climate related technologies, projects, solutions, cases and events.

The site features a prominent Google Map that showcases renewable energy projects in Europe (mostly Denmark), the UK, Turkey and China. To read about a particular project just click on any of the map markers.

San Francisco Waste Water Map

This map from Quest shows Bay Area publicly-owned sewage treatment plants and spills. The map shows the locations and details of any wastewater spills that come from the sewer lines that lead to the plants and spills from the wastewater (sewage) treatment plants themselves.

Via: Treehugger

Sickness and Industrial Areas of Pollution Map
This Google Map shows the top 100 polluting industrial facilities in the US as of 2002. The map includes pollutants for each location and a list of possible health effects (via scorecard.org) that result from exposure to them.

Via: Programmable Web

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