Thursday, January 14, 2010

GeoEye Haiti Satellite Imagery

Google have released a KML that can be viewed in Google Earth of new GeoEye satellite imagery of Haiti showing some of the damage caused by the earthquake. The image can be viewed in the Google Earth browser plug-in at Google's Crisis Response page, where you can also donate to help the people of Haiti.

Before and after satellite imagery of an area of Port-au-Prince

The Destruction in Port-Au-Prince
The New York Times have built a slider application to view the new GeoEye satellite imagery. The slider control allows you to compare the new satellite imagery of Haiti alongside older satellite imagery from before the earthquake. The application really does bring home the scale of the destruction caused by the earthquake. has produced a Google Map mashup that also shows the new imagery.

You can read more about the new imagery at Google LatLong.


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Embedded zeemap showing where pics where taken in Haiti,23739,26589571-952,00.html