Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Route Planning with Google Maps

Ride with GPS

Ride with GPS is a recreational route sharing community for cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, hikers, mountain bikers, and anyone else who is involved in a route-oriented sport. Using Ride with GPS users can map out a route on Google Maps and create a cue-sheet before going out on a ride. It is even possible to export the route as a TCX/GPX file to a GPS unit.

After a ride users can upload their log file which can contain heart rate, pedal speed (cadence) and wattage information, and Ride with GPS will graph and display the trip.

Mapping a route using Ride with GPS is very easy. All you need to do is click on the map to start and then click on the route you wish to take. As you add points Ride with GPS updates the directions in the left-hand side panel and the elevation chart beneath the map.

Ride with GPS also has a number of other useful tools for planning your route, such as a 'Follow Roads' option, which will snap the route to follow the nearest roads. You can even change the colour of the line of your route on the map.


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