Monday, January 11, 2010

Mapping and Chatting

Geo Talk

Geo Talk lets you create a forum centred on any location in the world. The site is a mashup of Google Maps and Disqus which allows a user to create a forum simply by placing a marker on a location in Google Maps.

Each location forum gets a unique URL, which can then be shared with friends or used on a website or blog. Using Geo Talk it is possible to set up a chat room about a bar, cafe, city or any other point of information or location. In fact your chat doesn't have to be about a location, the subject can be anything, it just needs to be centred on a particular location.



Padolsky said...

This is great. Now how can I put it on my website? Or is this not available to the public?

Coldbeans software said...

create a talk, get a link for it and use this link for your site/blog/email etc.