Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Russian Google Maps Mashups Round-Up

Russian website does a really good job of tracking Russian based Google Maps mashups. Here is a pick of some of their latest finds.

Unfortunately Russian isn't one of my languages, so there may be one or two mistakes in this round-up.


If you love maps then you will love this website.

Retromap uses the Google Maps API to display a large collection of historical maps of Moscow. The collection includes 18th century maps, maps from the 19th century, pre-revolutionary 20th century maps and many more modern 20th century maps of the Russian capital.


This website maps and reviews garages, gas stations, driving schools and traffic police locations in Russia. It is possible to search the database of added locations directly from a Google Map. The site includes a rating system and user contributed reviews.

RealMetrs is a Russian real-estate website that uses Google Maps to display the location of properties. It is possible to search for properties by price, type of property and location. The results of a search are displayed in list form with an accompanying Google Map displaying property locations.


This Russian events and entertainment guide lists upcoming concerts, films, club nights and exhibitions. The site makes liberal use of Google Maps throughout to provide guides to venues in Russian cities and to show the location of upcoming events.


This Google Maps mashup shows the locations of payment terminals and ATMs in Moscow. It is possible to select to view ATMs by the name of the bank and it is also possible to search the map by district or by a named street.




Spacer said...

Nice to meet Russian saites on your blog!
I can suggest some video to your collection about Google maps in Russia - how Russian teacher teaches school children with the help of Google Planet Earth - :)


Скоро и учебники будут от google