Thursday, January 07, 2010

More Cigar Smoke on Google Maps

Carillo Twitter Map

E.P. Carrillo is a cigar manufacturer, that has a great Twitter & Google Maps mashup that shows Tweets in real-time that mention the word "cigar". The site was first reviewed on Google Maps Mania back in 2009, when I mentioned that the company also had plans to create a "Places To Smoke" map that would allow cigar fans to upload their favourite spots for enjoying cigars.

Well, now the wait is over. The new "Places to Smoke Cigars" identifies those elusive locations where cigar smoking is still welcome. The map allows users to add locations to the map, so if you know of a cigar friendly venue you can add it by filling out a short form.

As well as mapping venues where cigar smoking is permitted the map also has layers that show the locations of retailers who sell E.P. Carrillo cigars, locations where E.P. Carrillo tobacco is sourced and locations of upcoming cigar related events.


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