Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fun on Google Maps

Laugh at the Geographically Challenged

This reddit thread made me chuckle.

You may think it is wrong to laugh at the geographically challenged but remember ...

Cartographers Are Always Figures of Fun

The Zoomable Map

Here's where to buy your very own zoomable map on paper. Genius!

Monopoly City Streets
Sadly the Google Maps version of Monopoly City Streets is no more. However I have found out some interesting statistics about last year's Google Maps online version of Monopoly City Streets.
  • The game now ranks in the top 20 biggest online games in the US by unique views
  • The game had over 17 million visits
  • It had 1.4 million active registered players
  • It had 15 billion dynamic page impressions per month
  • 70% of visitors spent 10+ minutes per visit, 50% spent half an hour or more
This was all achieved with zero media spend. I think we can assume that Google Maps mashups as a marketing tool is now firmly established.

Via: creative showcase

Flight 1549: Now An Eatery in Hell's Kitchen

The Gothamist discovered this week that Google Maps have tagged a location in New York with 'US Airways Flight 1549' and have given it a restaurant map marker.

Mapping the Geographies of Wikipedia Entries
This article on Zero Geography is a great analysis of the spatial contours of Wikipedia entries. It looks at the total number of Wikipedia articles tagged to each country and is illustrated with some great maps.

Quilt Maps
Do you love maps so much that you've even considered sleeping with them? If so then these map quilts will allow you to do so without raising too many eyebrows.



Unknown said...

Hey Googlers, maybe you haven't heard, but people are trying to refrain from using "retarded" in order to be funny. Do what you will, just a thought.

Keir Clarke said...

Sorry Sean. I had meant to write geographically challenged (which I've now changed it to).