Friday, January 08, 2010

More Twitter and Google Maps Fun

Tweetdeck Adds Google Maps

The latest update to Twitter client Twitterdeck's iPhone application allows for the geo-coding of Tweets.

The Tweetdeck app uses Google Maps to plot your friends Tweets and show you where they are. If you want to show the world where you are right now you can enable geo-tagging and your tweets will be automatically tagged with your current location from the GPS in your iPhone.

iPhone application (iTunes Store link) Mood of the Nation Map

Has 2010 put you in a #goodmood or #badmood? This Twitter and Google Maps mashup from uses Tweets to give an overview of a frankly rather grumpy UK.

The Mood of the Nation Map bares many similarities to the #UKSnow Map, which isn't very surprising as it is from the same developer, Ben Marsh. You should also check out Ben's #ukhols map, that uses Twitter and Google Maps to show where people in the UK are going on their holidays.

Via: Mapperz

MapTube UK Snow Map
Whilst on the subject of UK Snow, Map Tube also has a UK Snow map that maps Tweets about snow in the UK. The advantage of the Map Tube map is that you can overlay other data on top of the UK Snow data.

To add other information to the map click on the 'KML' button and upload any Google Earth file.

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