Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NYC Safe Food on Google Maps

NYC BigMaps

NYC BigMaps have used the Your Mapper map creation tool to map restaurant inspections and 311 service calls in New York City.

The restaurant inspections map displays New York City Department of Health inspections across 5 boroughs since Jan 2008 (22,440 restaurants). You can search the map by category, date range, keyword, and location. The map then displays restaurants on the map at the location you searched.

Green map markers indicate restaurants with no health violations. You can click on any of the map markers to get details of any violations and to click through to the restaurant's page on the New York City Department of Health website.

The 311 Service Calls maps NYC SCOUT inspection reports of observed conditions to the 311 system since January 2008 (39,520 reports). Again you can search the map by category, date range, keyword and location.

Both the restaurant inspections map and the 311 service calls map are available from mobile phones.


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Metro Mapper said...

Thanks for the shout out about our NYCBigMaps site. I'd like to point out our heatmap feature too, which gives you a great city-wide overview, and it's visible by category.

See some screenshots of the 311 category heatmaps on our blog, or visit the restaurant interactive heatmaps directly.

I've been following Google Maps Mania since it launched: great work and keep it up!